Hello my name is Davina I am a student majoring in Forestry, fishery, and wildlife I am from central Ohio and, I enjoy learning about plants and animals and identifying everything for my family. On my coat of arms leaf I have a Luna moth because I find them to be very pretty and they look like they are almost glowing. Next to the moth I have my moto which is “responsibilities first”, this is a quote that my dad has told me all my life and it helped me prioritize getting important things done first and then I can go do fun things, I think it has helped me get through college.  I hope to one day work in a national park working on a project with others. I also enjoy cooking and gardening but I have found a new interest in foraging  although I haven’t figured out where to start. I look forward to learning more on identifying plants this semester and I hope it will help me in the future with foraging as a hobby and identifying plants in my future career.