Hi! My name is Gautam, and I’m a third year Forestry, Fisheries and Wildlife Science major at The Ohio State University. I’m primarily interested in studying birds and other wildlife, but the great thing about ecology is that fauna and flora often go hand in hand in terms of research. Just about every study I’ve worked on has had some sort of plant-related component, and I think it’s really important to have a good knowledge of plants to be able to look deeper into the wildlife world.

I’m not a very good artist at all and my Coat of Arms leaves a bit to be desired, but hopefully I can fill in some of the gaps by explaining what it all means! I was born in Cleveland, Ohio and lived there my whole life before I came to Columbus for college. Cleveland and the surrounding areas have a great Metroparks system and I grew up hiking and exploring the gorgeous temperate hardwoods of Northeast Ohio. Thus, a tree seemed to be a good symbol for my Coat of Arms (and also something I could draw and have it be somewhat recognizable…). My motto was “Make your own choices”. I’m a big believer in straying from the beaten path, and I think that each of us should ultimately be the ones to decide what is best for us, and what we want to explore in more detail.

I hope I will be able to add to this page over the course of the semester and document my experience learning about Ohio Plants so that I can share with you all. Please enjoy!